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With 40+ years of experience, USA Machine Rebuilders specializes in manual machine rebuilds. The team here at USA Machine Rebuilders understands that these machines were designed with quality in-mind and were certainly built to last. This is why our team of experts has been rebuilding and refurbishing these forgotten gems and providing them with some well-deserved attention. This includes expanded capabilities for control retrofits, in-house component repair services, and a vast inventory of replacement components ready and available for immediate shipment. Machines will be rebuilt to like-new condition and will be returned to OEM standard of alignment and performance.

CNC machines are a big investment, so it’s important to identify what the machine needs to do, how big your warehouse space is, and what sorts of tooling will be required for production.

Buying a used machine will grant you the same level of functionality and capabilities as a new machine, but will also be more budget-friendly for your company. We make sure our machines are well-maintained and function perfectly before sending them off.
Although new machines are great, older machines are of great quality and offer you an edge over new machines in terms of function. Older models, when reconditioned to top working order, are a better choice for buyers because there has been plenty of time to identify significant problems, drawbacks, or advantages between the specific makes and models.

Our 14 Step Machine Rebuild Process

To ensure your machines are built to perfection - we've established a 14-step process for efficient and lasting changes.

  1. Dismantling the machine tool & disassembling all units
  2. Re-grinding the tabletop
  3. Scraping, flaking, and fitting knee column ways
  4. Polishing all brightwork
  5. Assembling and realigning the machine to its original factory tolerance
  6. Cleaning and inspecting all parts
  7. Scraping, flaking, and mastering the ways
  8. Replacing all gibs and meter units to the lubrication system
  9. Inspecting and repairing the electrical system
  10. Custom painting the complete machine and all accessories
  11. Readied all components for customer inspection
  12. Scraping, flaking, and mastering carriage to knee ways
  13. Installing the new table and cross-feeding screws and nuts
  14. Repairing or replacing all remaining parts that may impair the machine's full efficiency
Once they are repurposed, this means they are built to last longer and keep production running. Even the machines that have been used will work to the highest capacity.

Machines For Sale

Machines For Sale

Along with rebuilding and refurbishing machines, USMR also carries a large inventory of machines for sale. These machines have been inspected, refurbished, and tested for optimal performance.

We have refurbished Mitsui, Bridgeport, Okamoto, Harig Surface Grinders, Hardinge machines, and much more!


If you have any questions, please contact Mike Russell at (262) 325-0347 or email us at!


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