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When you start your own company, you have to be comfortable with the fact that you are starting from scratch. Your inventory is small, your staff is minimal, and your customers are non-existent. 1993 was slightly before the boom of internet technology. Easy to use search tools and applications just weren’t available. If you wanted to find customers, you picked up a phone book and you started making cold calls.

While the majority of my cold calls were done by phone or fax, often it also meant pulling my car into the parking lot of a machine shop, walking in, and doing my best to try and sell myself to whoever would agree to meet me. Sometimes, I would just park my car at the end of an industrial park and walk down the street all day, going place to place for the entire day. It was exhausting, but it ultimately led to serious results. Many of the people that I met in those years are still fantastic customers that All World has to this day.

Though All World now has over fifteen thousand customers worldwide, we still try to reach out to new markets and customers every day. But even more importantly, we do our very best to continually connect with our current customers to build better and more personal relationships. Personalized customer experience is the most significant value that we can provide to our customers. Each of our customers has needs that are individually important to them. All World actively tries to treat each of these needs as if they are our own. This is our belief. All World is not in the machine tool industry. We are in the industry of customer service. Each request, small or large, easy or difficult, is uniquely and individually important. No part or service that we provide fully describes who we are. The satisfaction of our customers is what defines us. It is my hope that this new website can more fully enrich our customer’s satisfaction and provide the foundation to a new level of All World customer service. Happy surfing!

 Customers may forget what you said... but they'll never forget how you made them feel. 

Dave Koepp, President & CEO


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