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AWM Machine Rebuild/Refurbishing/Retrofitting

Machine Rebuild

For often less than 50% of the cost of a new machine, AWM has the tools and experts to rebuild, retool and/or retrofit your machine back to life. AWM can not only help you restore your machine to like-new conditions, but we can also help you add new capabilities. Our expert team of rebuilders offers partial or complete (with spindle) rebuilds and restorations through a comprehensive and detailed process. From the second we receive your machine into our state of the art warehouse/service facility, we get right to work on our process outlined below:

  1. Dismantle machine
  2. Inspect all parts
  3. Grind steel and hand-scrape
  4. Install new components
  5. Repair and/or replace parts
  6. Paint entire machine
  7. Polish brightwork
  8. Assemble to original tolerance

Call AWM today to get your old machine new life and the latest technology! 1 (815) 943-9111.


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