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Custom Workholding Build for Haas VF-6SS Vertical Mill

This customized ClampMAX build came at the request of an additive manufacturer who needed a workholding solution for a Haas VF-6SS vertical mill. Specifications for the projects required EHU 30R Eco Rich EHU (with 1000psi 200-220v 3-Phase), SMC Air Gap Sensors with once common regulator, machine Interface Signal Wire Included 19 pin 30', a 10 Micron Return Filter, and 6 Station Aluminum Manifold with integrated Pressure Sensor Ports Station 1-5. The valve stack line contained a direction valve, check valve, flow control valve, and a pressure control valve.

Added accessories on this ClampMAX unit were:

  • HMI Touch Screen
  • Air Gap Package
  • Level Sensor
  • Drip & Drain Pan
  • Wheel Kit


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