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Control Oil Mist and Smoke In Your Shop

Why Control Oil Mist and Smoke in your Shop?

You wouldn't expect an office worker to work with smoke pouring out of their computer, so why would you expect a shop worker to work on machines with oil mist pouring out of them? Not only is controlling the air quality in your shop advantageous to your worker's health and happiness, but it also has many other benefits as well.


  • Reduced Health Risks - Any form of pollution is potentially dangerous to the lungs, larynx, and skin.
  • Reduced Accident Risks - Oil mist creates slippery surfaces which increase accident rates.
  • Reduced Fire Hazards - Oil deposits create a serious fire risk by allowing fires to spread quickly.

Cost Savings

  • Coolant Cost Savings - The Royal Filtermist recycles coolant and returns it to your machine rather than venting it into the atmosphere.
  • Heating and Cooling Cost Savings - The Royal Filtermist returns clean air to the shop instead of exhausting it outdoors.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Cost Savings - Uncontrolled airborne mist and smoke deposits result in more frequent cleaning of exposed surfaces.

Increased Productivity

  • Thermal Stability - Filtermist aids in temperature control which can help machines hold tighter tolerances over long-running jobs and/or during unmanned production.
  • Improved Employee Attendance - A contaminated shop environment often results in higher worker absenteeism and lower morale. 
  • Less Machine Downtime - Fouled contacts in electronic equipment cause expensive downtime. 
  • Higher Speeds and Feeds - Machining operations can run at higher speeds and feeds without the negative effects of increased mist and smoke production.
  • Better Lighting - Haze from mist and smoke and grimy buildup on shop lighting fixtures cause even the most well-lit shops to take on a dingy appearance. Bright, cheerful environments improve employee morale and performance.

Legal Issues

  • Fewer Workmen's Compensation Claims - The increase in workmen's compensation rates from one large claim can cost more than an air cleaning system for an entire factory.
  • Government Regulations - The current OSHA and NIOSH limits on airborne oil mist are 5 mg/cubic meter, and this requirement is expected to become even stricter in the future. The Royal Filtermist exceeds both the current and new proposed limits.

If you are interested in better air quality for your shop, contact All World today for a quote!


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