IZUMI Friction Welding Machines

All World Machinery is a proud distributors of IZUMI Friction Welding Machines in North America, as well as installation and full service of the machines. 
This technology uses the thermal energy produced by friction to weld two objects together. Friction welding boasts large advantages in comparison to
conventional welding in terms of quality, productivity, costs, and environmental friendliness. 

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  • Completely defect free. No worry over blowholes. 
  • Highly uniform results and stable joints.
  • Low thermal strain and high dimensional precision.


  • Easy operation.
  • Equipped auto-loader results in unmanned operation. 


  • Pre-welding processes, such as grooving and spigot making, are not required to weld dissimilar metals or non-ferrous metals together.
  • Possible to weld dissimilar metals or non-ferrous metals together.


  • Carbon dioxide emissions reduced by half.
  • Environmentally friendly with no generation of sparks and gasses.
  • Low energy consumption compared to other welding machines.  

For more information on IZUMI, please contact:

Charlie Enright - IZUMI Sales
6164 All World Way | Roscoe, IL 61064
P: 815.704.7896 | E: cenright@allworldmachinery.com