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Linear Motion Guide Grease

When looking for a machine tool grease for linear guides, many customers have to rely on their manufacturer’s recommended grease. Unfortunately, this is not always the most cost-effective or best-for-application solution for your machine’s linear motion guide.

For Japanese machine OEMs such as Mazak, Makino, Okuma, Enshu and Mori Seiki, you should use premium high-grade Kyodo Yushi greases on their linear motion guides, because of the extreme levels of accuracy and high-speeds that are required for performance. Kyodo Yushi can replace many greases and out-perform them, Due to this reason, All World Machinery chooses to stick with Kyodo Yushi greases, often crossing brands like Mobile (Mobilux) to ensure that our product stands up to the needs of high-speed applications.

Kyodo Yushi machine greases for linear motion guides are best defined by two product lines: Citrax EP and Multemp LRL (often misspelled as Multitemp LRL). Below we will break down the main characteristics of these linear motion guide greases for a better understanding of their strengths.

Citrax EP

Citrax EP grease has three major defining characteristics: heat resistance & long life, high mechanical stability, and excellent load-withstanding capacity. Citrix EP grease withstands heat and water with excellent oxidation stability. It also resists grease deterioration while maintaining excellent lubricity, while also resisting against softening and washing-out even under sheer stress including in automatic feeding systems. The lead-free EP agent in the grease is also environmentally friendly! Citrax is most commonly found on bearings of linear guides (guides and ball screws). Buy it here!

Multemp LRL

Multemp LRL grease also has three major defining characteristics: heat resistance & long life, a wide operating temperature range, and excellent rust protection. Multemp grease offers excellent oxidation stability and longer life than other commercially available wide temperature greases. Its ability to minimize bearing wear also ensures a longer feed cycle. The special synthetic base oil allows a wide range of use (from -50 to 150 °C or -58 to 302 °F). For this reason, many ball screw manufacturers recommend Multemp grease for use at very high temperatures. This grease also provides protection against rust even in severe environments, including the presence of moisture or saltwater! Multemp grease is most commonly found on ball screw support bearings, sealed bearings, and motor bearings. Buy it here!

There’s a reason machine OEMs use Kyodo Yushi grease for their machines - We believe that you should too! Kyodo Yushi greases cover many applications, not just machine tool. Check out Kyodo Yushi options for robotic and flammable greases.


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