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Troubleshooting a Daikin EHU Eco-Rich Unit

Getting an alarm code or experiencing an overheating Daikin Eco-Rich (EHU) hydraulic power unit? These tips can help you restore the unit back to normal operating conditions.

What does an E80 alarm mean?

This alarm can be caused by a few different things, depending on what is stored in the alarm history. If there is an E31 and E82, it is an encoder problem and can be easily repaired. If there is an E10 and E81, the problem is in the motor, the controller, or both. This will likely cost more to repair than to purchase a new hydraulic power unit (HPU).

What do I do if my Eco-Rich overheats or runs hot?

Make sure the cooling fan is working properly and that the radiator is not plugged. If both items appear in working order, check the motor "RPM" parameters (N05). It should be at about 308 RPM (38 in the display). If the RPM is higher than that, there are several things that can cause this.

First, you must isolate the power unit from the machine by plugging the pressure port on the unit. If the motor RPM drops significantly to about the aforementioned 380 RPM, the machine side has a leak, which will need to be identified and repaired. This is not necessarily going to be an external leak where oil is spilling onto the floor; it can possibly be an internal leak where the oil is leaking past a seal, actuator, or cylinder causing the power unit to run at a higher RPM to compensate for the leak, resulting in overheating.

If the RPMs do not drop when the pressure port is capped, the problem likes within the power unit. First, refer to the EHU30 pressure settings procedures or EHU25 pressure settings procedures to verify that the pressure safety relief valve and the throttle valve are set properly. If the settings are correct and the motor RPMs are still high, the cause is a worn gear pump which must be replaced.

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