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Eco-Rich Hybrid Hydraulic Unit (EHU & UEHU)

Put money back into your wallet with a hydraulic unit so advanced that it can pay for itself in as little as 12 months!

How EXACTLY does the Eco-Rich create these amazing savings?

Daikin's Eco-Rich unit has highly efficient IPM motors now incorporated for substantial energy savings and low heat generation. Some features include:

1. Energy Savings / Low Heat Generation

  • Power Consumption - Reduced by an additional 30%
  • Oil Temperature - Reduced by an additional 5°C
2. Compact / Lightweight
  • Footprint - Reduced by 9% (All models)
  • Mass - Reduced by 40% (EHU1404/2504)
3. Environmental Resistance
  • Maximum ambient temperature - Increased 35°C to 40°C
  • Dustproof & waterproof protection rating - IP44
  • Tank capacity - Increased from 10L to 18L
4. Excluded from high-efficiency motor regulations
5. All models CE standard compliant
6. IoT-ready

The Eco-Rich hydraulic unit is an energy-efficient, inverter-driven hybrid hydraulic unit. Daikin’s unsurpassed technology and incredible energy savings make this unit one that will improve both your machine and your bottom line.

ENERGYLower energy consumption through advanced inverter technology provides longer unit life, reduced energy cost, and sustainable savings.
HEATA reduction of heat generation creates a longer life for machine components and effectively reduced ambient workspace temperatures, resulting in reduced air conditioning demand and fewer opportunities for overheating.
OILConventional hydraulic units require larger capacity tanks to dissipate heat than the EcoRich, which reduces oil disposal on average between 33-50%.
NOISENoise reduction creates a more comfortable and safe work environment, reducing worry, and cutting costs on factory alarms and voice synthesizers.
STOCKCompatibility and adaptability create less need for on-hand stock, as the Eco-Rich works as a drop-in replacement for the vast majority of hydraulic pumps and motors within the industrial marketplace.


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