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Understanding the Functions of a Limit Switch

When trying to understand limit switches, look no further than your home. When you open your refrigerator door at home, the inside light instantly turns on. An electrical mechanical device known as the limit switch turns the lights on. When you close the door, the switch is depressed and the lights turn off. With the door open, the switch is actuated, which then sends an electrical current to the bulb. When closed, the opposite is happening.

In the machine tool/manufacturing world, limit switches are commonly used to detect the presence of a moving object when the object passes or when it reaches its final destination. Limit switches allow the user to regulate the operation of a machine equipped with moving parts, connected to a switching action mechanism. Variations of limit switches include waterproof limit switches and compact limit switches that differ in size, mounting method, force capacity, and stroke rate involved in the operating process. It is important for limit switches’ electrical rating to match that of the system into which it is installed to reduce the potential for instrument failure and to ensure proper function.

All World offers an extensive lineup of Azbil limit switches that can be installed and used in many different environments. Switches are widely used in general industrial machinery, various industrial plants, outdoor equipment, and designated explosion-proof equipment.

Features of the Azbil switches include:

Robust and reliable
Rugged die-cast aluminum case contains a two-circuit dual cutoff switch. This product is hard to break and provides sure shutoff of circuits.

Excellent resistance to harsh environments
In addition to general-purpose and explosion-proof models, the available types include cold-resistant models, heat-resistant models, corrosion-resistant models, and weather-resistant models.

Extremely long service life
Through the reduction of friction in the sliding part of the switch and improved corrosion resistance, the mechanical service life of these products (30 million mechanical operations or more) is over three times that of the conventional service life in the field, significantly reducing equipment downtime.

Explosion-proof models
Gas/vapor explosion-proof and enhanced-safety explosion-proof models conforming to IEC explosion-proof standards are available. Their explosion-proof structure (Exde II C T6) enables them to be used in a hydrogen gas atmosphere. Available explosion-proof certifications include those from TIIS, NEPSI, KOSHA, CNS, ATEX, IECEx, and NK.

All-SUS limit switches
All externally exposed parts are stainless steel, making these products fully resistant to corrosion. The switches can be used safely even in severe conditions such as harbor facilities, pharmaceutical facilities, and water-treatment plants (in water as much as 10 meters deep).


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