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Patlite Product Highlights

Since 1947, PATLITE has offered state-of-the-art equipment for the process and industrial automation industries. Innovative and durable design, backed by years of industry experience and a strong commitment to safety and security, has made PATLITE the world's best-known manufacturer of visual and audible signaling devices. All World Machinery is a certified Patlite distributor.

SK Rotating Beacons

  • The SK is equipped with a brushless motor, which produces less heating than a conventional motor, and has a longer motor life.

SF Multi-function Beacons

  • The SF is designed with PATLITE's newly developed multi-fresnel lens. This thin, rigid lens is capable of collecting and diffusing light more effectively than a conventional lens.

SL Flashing Beacons

  • Compared to competing products, the SL has a wider, light-emitting surface, with over 5 times the luminous intensity.

CLK Worklight Series

  • Water, Oil, Chemical Resistant, Ultra-bright LED Worklight with IP66G, IP67G, IP69K

CLN LED Worklight Series

  • The newly-designed LED Work Light model CLN outshines is predecessor, the CLM. With a thickness of 22.2mm, a brightness of 820lx, IP ratings of 66G/67G, 69K, two LED Colors of Daylight (6500K), or Warm White (2700K), and mounting flexibility with a flexible angle adjustment of 180 degrees, the CLN can be attached anywhere, even for the food industry.

CWK LED Worklight Series

  • Water and Oil Resistant, long-life ultra-bright LED Worklight with IP66G and IP67G ratings designed exclusively for the machine tooling industry. With its compact and environmentally resistant design, its imperviousness to flying scrap metal and oils makes it a perfect solution for tooling machinery.

CWA LED Worklight Bar Series

  • An affordable replacement, the slim LED light bar can outperform a conventional fluorescent lamp. The protection rating of IP65 is a standard which allows installation in most common environments

CLA Light Bar Series

  • IP69K Conformity, Ultra-bright Uniform LED Illumination, six Different Sizes, Waterproof

LR Series LED Signal Tower Lights

  • Next-generation signal tower series featuring ultra-bright LEDs, a modular design, and a wide selection of options to take on the most challenging applications.
  • LR4 - 40mm
  • LR5 - 50mm
  • LR6 - 60mm
  • LR7 - 70mm
  • Click HERE to view the complete LR Series Catalog!

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