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How to Install Daikin EHU Eco Rich Hydraulic Power Units

The Daikin EHU Eco Rich Hybrid Hydraulic Power Unit is incredibly easy to configure and install.

This video details filling the tank with oil, connecting pressure and return lines, connecting three-phase power, powering up the unit, setting system pressure & flow, and setting system RPM. 

The model used is an EHU3007-40-N-902.

Why do customers choose Eco Rich?

  • Average of 60% energy savings vs. standard units.
  • Compact design.
  • Keypad controls.
  • Reduction in oil disposal by up to 50%
  • Massive reduction in heat compared to similar units.
  • Low noise. 
  • Drop-in replacement for 80% of pumps and motors.

Still have some questions? 

Check out our hydraulic unit manuals, blueprints, and guides:

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