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CKD PAW PowerArm


PAW PowerArm

The PAW is CKD's second-generation PowerArm. It is a simple, clever, and mobile assistive device that uses pneumatic power to create a safer workplace. A combination of multiple arms allowed for flexible transfer of workpieces in tight spaces without worrying about interference from ceilings or walls. Automatic weight detection and pressure regulation provide constant balance and smooth performance that will save workers backs and increase productivity.

The most versatile pneumatic assistive device in the industry
  • Combine up to 3 axes for 2.6 meters of reach to suit any application
  • Transport the PowerArm easily with the movable base
  • Work on various payloads through the automatic weight detection control system
  • Folds for compact storage (650mm tall) when not in use
  • Select vacuum, hook, fork, internal and external clamp end effectors
  • Able to travel to different worksite locations
  • Low maintenance
  • Extremely user-friendly
Innovative technology to provide a safer workplace
  • Eliminate back pain that accounts for more than half of work-related injuries
  • Overhead hoists and arm balancers still put a strain on worker's back
  • Ideal air circuits maintain balance with no effort from the operator
  • Unlike traditional assistive devices, PAW is not limited by overhead obstruction
  • Block valve, rotation lock, and snag prevention joints help increase overall safety

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