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Over the years, manual machining equipment has taken a back seat to more advanced forms of CNC machining in order to keep up with the fast paced, high demand production environments of today. While manual machining processes may seem to be a thing of the past, most manufacturing facilities still utilize this equipment on a daily basis. Some still see them as the backbone of their business, supporting their day-to-day manufacturing efforts. So why is it that these machines don’t seem to garner the same attention as that of their more advanced counterparts?

The team here at USA Machine Builders understands that these machines were designed with quality in-mind and were certainly built to last. This is why for nearly 40 years now our team of experts has been rebuilding and refurbishing these forgotten gems and providing them with some well-deserved attention.

Furthermore, now that we have joined with the All World family, we have the ability to expand these efforts and provide our services to a much wider and farther-reaching range of customers.

This includes expanded capabilities for control retrofits, in-house component repair services, and a vast inventory of replacement components ready and available for immediate shipment.

Machines will be rebuilt to like-new condition and will be returned to OEM standard of alignment and performance. We will completely disassemble your machine, and all components will be thoroughly inspected and evaluated.

So if you are looking to rebuild your Bridgeport, Okamoto, Harig Surface Grinders, Mitsui, or Hardinge machine, USA Machiner Rebuilders is your number one stop!

Our Mission

Our goals moving forward are to continue to provide quality parts, service, and machine rebuilding to the Industries we serve. We will continually seek out and apply the latest CNC capabilities in order to improve the quality and efficient way we do business. Our success is based on the integrity of our relationships, the evaluation of Rebuilding and the understanding and the capabilities of new technology, and the recognition that efficiency and profitability that fuel our growth.

USA Machine Rebuilders Advantage

We pride ourselves in our work and quality to every single customer. With us, you know are getting quality workmanship and trusted people in the rebuilding industry.

    Free Pickup and Delivery (100mi radius)
          2 Week Machine Rebuild
          Large Inventory of Parts

Machines for Sale

Along with rebuilding and refurbishing machines, USMR also carries a large inventory of machines for sale. These machines have been inspected, refurbished, and tested for optimal performance. 

We have refurbished Mitsui, Bridgeport, Okamoto, Harig Surface Grinders, Hardinge machines and much more!

Machines are guaranteed for one full year, with normal use and proper maintenance.

Proven 14-step Machine Rebuild Process

You can count on quality and expedient machine rebuilds through USA Machine Rebuilders. 

We have over 40+ years of restoring Bridgeport, Mistui, Okamoto, Harig and Hardinge machines.

Dismantling the machine tool & disassembling all units

Cleaning and inspecting all parts

Readied all components for customer inspection

Re-grinding the tabletop

Scraping, flaking, and mastering the ways

Scraping, flaking, and mastering carriage to knee ways

Scraping, flaking, and fitting knee column ways

Replacing all gibs and meter units to the lubrication system

Installing the new table and cross-feeding screws and nuts

Polishing all bright work

Inspecting and repairing electrical system

Repairing or replacing all remaining parts that may impair the machine's full efficiency

Assembling and realigning the machine to its original factory tolerance

Custom painting the complete machine and all accessories

Spindle Repair Services

Through our vast network of partners and resources, All World Machinery offers solutions for all of your spindle repair needs. Our technicians are able to assist on-site with extraction and installation of your spindle so that you can get back to optimal efficiency. 

Often, chiller repair and oil chiller maintenance can prevent spindle damage or failure. While your spindle repair is underway, please consider having your chiller inspected as well so that we can further assist you on finding what caused the problem.

Save up to 40% vs buying a new spindle!

Repair Services Include:

  • No cost evaluation and estimate
  • Regrinding of precision surfaces
  • Replacement of worn components
  • High-speed spindle repair services
  • Updates to drive systems

We stock machine replacement parts and accessories, and support specialty in-house repair services like:

  • Lead screw assembly
  • Quill housing assembly
  • Variable speed front gear assembly
  • Variable speed rear gear assembly
Rebuilt manual machines also have the option of retrofitting linear scales, DRO kits, readout systems, and other accessories with brands like Heidenheim, ProtoTRAK, Fagor, and ACU-RITE. For more information, please visit Manual Machine Retrofitting.

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