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You have heard about Daikin's energy-efficient air conditioning solutions, right? They have delivered over 1 million of them worldwide. But did you know that Daikin's expertise goes beyond air conditioning? They have applied their innovative inverter technology to All World's hydraulic systems to make them more efficient, safe, and less noisy. Eco-Rich hydraulic power units feature Daikin IPM motors with inverter control that offer significant energy savings, produce low heat, and provide onboard diagnostic capabilities.

The Secret Ingredient
In 1996, Daikin Industries introduced the switch reluctance motor operating on direct current (DC), now considered Daikin’s most efficient motor. Thanks to continual improvements over the years, the motor offers higher efficiency, faster rotation speed, and more responsiveness, making it ideal for hydraulic systems. The more recently designed IPM motor cleverly combines torque using powerful, rare-Earth magnets and reluctance torque to achieve superior efficiency and low heat generation.

Thanks to Daikin’s advanced software, the inverter speeds up and slows down the motor as needed, resulting in lower energy consumption.

“The secret is in the algorithms,” said All World Engineering Manager Frank Grube.

“We’ve never had somebody switch... and want their old system back.”

Unbeatable Technology
While Daikin has continuously improved its technology, its competitors are still making inefficient hydraulic pumps using plain and antiquated three-phase motors that generate high heat. The motor heat causes system heating, including the pump which then requires a larger oil reservoir to dissipate this heat transferred to the oil in heat energy. This results in higher operating costs and more consumables to run equipment. What sets Daikin’s system apart is its exceptional pressure control stability.

“Other competitors have tried to do the same thing with servo-driven hydraulic systems, but they have not achieved the stability of the system,” Grube said.

By utilizing a single pump, Daikin can achieve what competitors using traditional units would require a whole array of servo valves for. Additionally, Daikin can provide this solution more cost-effectively, thanks to its expertise in obtaining components at a reduced price, after years of refining the IPM motor for air conditioning solutions, according to All World Senior Technology Advisor Darrell Janesak.

While competitors—such as Tokimec, Nachi, and Parker—have tried to offer similar technology, they have not been able to match the Eco-Rich's comprehensive set of features. Nachi's inverter technology is relatively new and not as good, while Bosch Rexroth offers advanced technology with various options and voltages but faces limitations in continuous duty due to heat generation. Moreover, Bosch Rexroth units are more expensive compared to Daikin’s solution.

Ways to Save

By Using Daikin Hybrid Hydraulic Technology







Less Noise
The Eco-Rich boasts lower operational noise than a conventional hydraulic system. In fact, you will not even hear it in the average machine shop. Compared to a traditional hydraulic system, which can be as loud as a vacuum cleaner at around 70 dba or higher, the Eco-Rich system with the Daikin motor only produces noise at the level of an outdoor air conditioner unit, measuring around 55 dba. Aging conventional hydraulic power systems without Daikin’s technology have been known to become even more noisy with age.

“Some of these have become so loud, workers have to attach long cords to place them in separate rooms,” Grube said. “We’ve never had somebody switch to one of these Eco-Rich units and want their old system back.”

Energy Savings
By using Daikin’s advanced inverter technology, you can achieve longer unit life, reduce energy costs, and enjoy sustainable savings. Did you know that 40% of a machine tool's energy consumption comes from its hydraulic system? That is a tremendous amount of energy that could be saved. These savings are especially critical in Europe and Asia where energy costs are higher.


So how are these superior energy savings achieved? The answer lies in hybrid hydraulic systems with servo control. These systems optimize operation by eliminating unnecessary energy consumption during pressure holding mode.

The unit will only work as hard as it needs to maintain a constant hydraulic pressure. When a cylinder is commanded to move, the control valve opens, and the unit will increase motor speed which increases oil flow to move the cylinder while working to maintain a constant pressure. When that movement is complete, the motor RPM decreases back to an idle speed that maintains the pressure constant. This means unnecessary energy consumption can be eliminated. With this technology, you can achieve approximately 60% energy savings over a conventional hydraulic system.

Low Heat Generation
The Eco-Rich hydraulic power unit helps to reduce heat generation, making it safe to touch and providing longer oil life. With its inverter-driven control, the Eco-Rich achieves precise pressure and flow rate control without needing additional control valve devices. This not only reduces heat, but it also extends the machine component lifespan and keeps the workspace cooler, reducing the need for excessive plant climate control and minimizing the risk of overheating.

Less Oil Usage
The Eco-Rich hydraulic power unit is clean and efficient, lending itself well to clean manufacturing operations. To dissipate heat, conventional hydraulic units require larger capacity tanks than the Eco-Rich, which reduces oil disposal on average by between 33-50%. Plus, oil changes by maintenance are needed less frequently due to low oil heating.

Drop-in Replacement Capabilities
Did you know that if your hydraulic pump fails, you can easily replace it with a unit from Daikin? About 70-80% of Daikin inverter hydraulic pumps can function as suitable replacements for much larger conventional systems. These units come with convenient plug-and-play features, meaning they can be installed easily in All World or competitors' systems. It is always a good idea for manufacturers to have a spare unit.

User-Friendly Control
While conventional hydraulic systems require an operator to adjust the pump’s pressure and flow rate manually, the Eco-Rich enables users to set the pump’s pressure and flow rate digitally and monitor temperature via an easy-to-use keypad.

Alarm Codes
The Eco-Rich Hybrid Oil Hydraulic Pump can generate alarms and provide an alarm history for system faults such as pressure, temperature, electrical, or other anomalies.
With its alarm codes, this pump can not only generate alarms but also keep a record of alarm history. It also provides warning alarms to head off potential future failures. So, if there is any pressure, temperature, electrical fault, or any other anomaly, you receive an alert right away. Remember that a conventional pump without codes will not provide this safety net. It will just keep chugging along, completely oblivious to any faults. And that could lead to disastrous consequences like breakdowns, overheating, electrical problems, or even oil burnup. Do not take chances with your machinery - choose the Eco-Rich hybrid oil hydraulic pump and stay one step ahead of potential disasters.


Expanded Features with Eco-Rich R Series

The Eco-Rich EHU15R and EHU30R models are compact and efficient alternatives to larger SUT units. With easy setup and improved functionality, these models provide a range of benefits beyond the base model for a variety of applications. 

The Eco-Rich R series, which builds upon the energy-saving features of the IPM motor, allows you to program up to 16 different pressures and flow characteristics and enables you to switch them using a combination of four digital binary inputs. This capability is particularly useful for tasks such as plastic injection molding, press operation, and those requiring precise control of motion during separate machining processes. 

Additionally, the R series offers the flexibility to switch between digital and analog control, opening a wide range of possibilities. For instance, All World is developing a test stand for the aviation industry, which requires analog control of hydraulics for actuator testing. 

“The R series provides infinite adjustability and a flow rate ranging from 1 GPM to 7, making it a reliable choice for various pressure and flow control requirements,” said Director of Manufacturing Kyle Crull.


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