ClampMAX Hybrid Hydraulic Unit

All World’s ClampMAX® line of products are going to forever change the way that you look at your workholding applications. We have combined the brilliance of Daikin’s inverter-driven hydraulics with the next generation innovations brought to us by ifm effector. By bringing these two technologies together, All World has developed one of the most advanced line of hydraulic power generation systems on the market.

These units are compact, powerful and incredibly energy efficient. Each offering multiple pressure and flow parameters with instantaneous in-operation switching to meet the needs of your most advanced applications. With the built-in control panel, modifications to these settings can be achieved with the touch of a button; significantly reducing initial setup time.

All valves, sensors, and unit alarms are discretely wired utilizing M12 connectors and ifm’s patented I/O Hub. This provides the opportunity for a single, clearly labeled trunk cable and eliminates the need for additional terminal strips and wires to complete your setup.

Each unit come standard with the protection of 10-micron quick spin-on return filters to ensure contamination-free operation and increased lifespan.
The culmination of these technologies minimizes build cost, reduce manufacturing timelines and simplify any future troubleshooting for your maintenance personnel.

"We have been using All World’s SUT ClampMax and Eco-Rich pumps for a few years now. The units have proved to be exceptionally easy to install and have had little to no problems with warranty type issues. Any issues we have had have been dealt with immediately by the All World staff. The SUT ClampMax units have been most of our purchases since our customers prefer 1000-3000psi range of setting, however, we still have many customers who prefer the 5,000 psi units also. We have purchased over 70 units with all kinds of different option content including PLC, Airblast, Air confirmation, multiple pressure settings, multiple flow settings, multiple valve stacks, etc. with all sorts of combinations thereof." - 

Carl Capps, Intergration Manager, Koma Precision


Our ClampMAX-1® system is specifically made for workholding applications requiring pressures at or below 1,000 psi. This system offers a uniquely compact footprint; which reduced the overall real-estate burden on your production floor. However, don't let its size fool you, these units can handle some of the very largest multi-clamp applications with ease and efficiency.

With all of our ClampMAX® systems, we offer application-specific control valve arrangements. In most cases, these allow for up to 6 valves to be mounted directly atop as well as either side, back, or front of the unit. External mounting options are also available upon request.

Additional control features can be arranged specific to each valve on the manifold, in other words, each valve station can be different if the application requires it. As an added benefit, all units come standard with the production of 10-micron quick spin-on return filters. 

Our use of ifm Efector’s electrical connections make for clean wiring and simplified troubleshoot. All valves, sensors, and unit alarms are discretely wired utilizing M12 connectors and ifm Efector’s patented I/O Hub.

This provides the opportunity for a single, cleanly labeled trunk line and eliminates the need for additional terminal strips and wires to complete setup (Please note that an additional I/O hub may be required for higher valve count configurations). Our team is passionate when it comes to what we do, that is why we take all factors into consideration when examining each facet of your application.


The ClampMAX-3® system is manufactured by All World and is capable of mid-range pressure settings up to 3,000 psi. This is a smaller footprint cousin of the Daikin SUT system. All World has taken Daikin's original design and modified it slightly to create a unit made specifically for workholding. This model has a dual pump system with a high and low-pressure pump. The high-pressure pump is capable of up to a 19.0 I/min output at pressures up to 3,000 psi. It can also, however, run at a very low volume output down to 3.0 L/min at the pump and even lower at the valve stack.

The secondary low-pressure pump is repurposed to be a continuously operated cooling loop. Just as on the Conventional ClampMAX® unit, this unit can be fitted with a manifold stack in various configurations upon the unit, or externally. It, too, is protected by a 10-micron spin on return filter, and is offered with wheel kits, and drip pans. Just as on the Conventional ClampMAX-1®, the ClampMAX-3® is also equipped with ifm Efector Sensors, M12 cables, and an I/O hub for easy connectivity.


Our ClampMAX-5® system is very similar to the ClampMAX-1® system in many respects, but the real technology is located within the valve stacks. With the ability to offer either in-line or valve-stack type hydraulic boosters, a higher level of safety is achieved. With this type of system, high line pressure is isolated to a single line, providing it only where needed; at the "A" line directly to the clamp. No more need for an entire high-pressure system. This leads to less wear and tear on the control valves and their components. It also creates a much safer working environment for your maintenance personnel and machine operators. Our in-stack boosters are designed specifically for All World, and feature overpressure controls which are not commonly available with other boosters found in the marketplace.

With ClampMAX-5®, we can also offer our exclusive “Fast-Flow” option, which brings a two-stage pressure and flow effect to the system. Stage one provides a high flow rate at a lower pressure reducing clamp cycle times. At stage two, the booster takes over providing an increased pressure at a lower, accurately controlled, flow for safely and securely setting the clamp.

Just as with our other two models, the ClampMAX-5® system comes outfitted with a quick spin-on return filter. However, for added system protection, we have included a high-pressure 10-micron filter located between the pump and manifold. This filter greatly increases the cleanliness of oil flowing through the system and ensures optimal performance for years to come. This system also offers all the same quality accessories as our other ClampMAX® models.

HMI and PLC Packages

To further enhance the capabilities and versatility of our systems, All World also offers PLC control packages with an optional HMI as an interfacing option. Our use of logic devices for externally controlling the ClampMAX system eliminates the need to go back into the machines control and software to perform time-consuming and costly modifications. With our PLC packages, we can interface directly to your machinery through various communication configurations. This includes relay communications as well as Modbus, DeviceNet, Ethernet IP and several other fieldbus protocols commonly found in newer machine and robotic integrations.

Our HMI offering is quite flexible and can be suited for those more unique applications, such as test stand operations and other various operator-controlled type functions. Standard features include overall system monitoring, diagnostics, messaging and manual operations as well as on-board manuals and documentation.
For those applications requiring a manual type interface, we offer Banner’s Two-Hand Control Run Bar and safety relays. This system ensures the operator’s hands are free from the workholding fixture while clamping/unclamping is in operation.
l the features highlighted above are available with each of our ClampMAX models and can be custom tailored to suit your specific application. So, no matter what your unique requirements may be, our engineering team is ready to meet the needs of your specific applications.

Part Presence Detection Systems

Air gap sensors are used to confirm the workpiece seating and clamping contacts. Providing high stability, we can accommodate fluctuations in supply pressure while maintaining sensitivity. The air pressurized into port P passes through orifice R1 and R2 of the air bridge circuit, then flows to the nozzles on the comparison side and on the detection side. When the detection side nozzle clearance becomes smaller than the clearance set in the comparison side nozzle, a back-pressure reverses and presses up the diaphragm. 

This activates the proximity switch and generates an electric signal. Minimal air consumption is required and can be used with a working pressure of 0.03 MPa. An optional lockable enclosure ensures settings will not be changed and provides a degree of protection equivalent to IP67.

Additional ClampMAX® Accessories 

Our knowledgeable engineering staff can customize any of these systems to handle your most advanced applications.

                                      Wheel Kit

                                           Drip Pan

                                               Level Sensor

The Many Advantages of Working with All World 

Our knowledgable engineering staff can customize our systems to handle your most advanced systems. Advantages when choosing AWM include:
  • Smart hydraulic systems
  • Continuous System monitoring
  • Simplified electrical connections with IFM smart devices and connections
  • IOT or Industry 4.0 capabilities
  • Full robotic interfacing options
  • CKD air gap sensing
  • Energy-efficient systems
  • Low wattage valves for simple connections over conventional valves
  • Low temperature operating systems
  • Low decibel operating systems
  • 1 - 2 weeks turnaround time
  • Over 100 base units in stock and ready for your customization
  • All components in stock

Contact our Engineering department today at 815-943-7858 or 815-943-7919 for more information on our conventional ClampMAX.