All World Machinery Supply cares about our environment and the people in it. 

Below are some steps taken to better the environment. 

 Recycles Paper
 Recycles 100% of paper stock.
 Reprocesses Boxes

Re-uses all cardboard shipment boxes.
 Re-uses Pallet Wood   

Re-uses, recycles and donates pallets and pallet wood for community outreach programs.
 Eco-Friendly Stock

Uses 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper.
 Hand Dryers

Uses hand dryers in our bathrooms, eliminating paper towel waste.
 Biodegradeable Packing

Uses biodegradable packing peanuts made of cornstarch.
 Hybrid Vehicles

Uses only hybrid and electric cars for our sales fleet vehicles.
 Hybrid Hydraulics

Encourages all customers to switch their hydraulic units to our energy saving-hybrid hydraulic units.
 Natural Prairie Grass

Maintains and protects a 6 acre plot of IL natural prairie grass that will never be cut or engineered.
 Natural Lawn

Uses no chemicals in our lawns and maintains it using only natural fertilizer.
 Proper Waste Disposal

Recycles service waste responsibly.
 Digital Statements

Discourages the use of paper bank statements and offers digital solutions for all employees.
 Repurposes Furniture

Actively tries to repurpose used furniture for our warehouse, store, and office spaces.
 Tree Donations

Donated 500 trees for community reforestation.
 Dirt Donations

Donation of valuable dirt from building construction to facilities throughout the community. 
 Energy Star Support

Has only energy star appliances in our corporate headquarters.
 Energy Saving Fixtures

Has only energy-saving lighting fixtures in our corporate headquarters.
 Eco-Modes On

Has all computers, appliances, and technology procedurally set to energy-saving modes.
Recycling ProgramsGlass, plastic, aluminum, paper, battery, solid waste, and tech recycling programs set-up at our facility.
 Recycling Solutions

Discourages the use of plastic products and offers recyclable solutions for all employees.
 Supports E-Peat

Purchases E-PEAT supported computers and technology whenever possible.
 Green Flooring

Walks on PVC & nickel free floors in our corporate headquarters.
 Eco-Friendly Cards

Hands out business cards made from post-consumer waste recycled stock.
 Reclaims Technology

Has established programs for fixing and maintaining technology opposing unnecessary waste.