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LS-G02-4CP-30-EN - Valve

Item #: LS-G02-4CP-30-EN

Product Info

LSG024CP30EN, NACHI  SL-G01-C6-GR-D2-31, NACHI SE-G01-C6-GR-D2-40, NACHI SL-G01-C6-GR-D2-5227H, NACHI SL-G01-C6-R-D2-31, PARKER D1VW004CNJC, TOYO-OKI HD3-3W-BGA-025A-LYD2

These solenoid valves use low wattage type coils (DC: 5W, AC 12W). The low current specification allows this valve to be driven directly with a PLC.

Cross Reference
Nachi – SL-G01-C6-GR-D2-31, SL-G01-C6-GR-D2-5227H, SL-G01-C6-R-D2-31, SE-G01-C6-GR-D2-40
Parker –  D1VW004CNJCF
Toyo-Oki – HD3-3W-BGA-025A-LYD2

Item Specifications

  • Gasket mount
  • Daikin
  • Rc 1/4
  • Spring center type
  • DC24V
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