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LR6-302LJNW-RYG - Light Tower

Light Tower
Item #: LR6-302LJNW-RYG

Product Info

3 tier tower. The LR series signal tower provides a brilliant even light for visibility at further distances with a new re-designed lens and improved light module construction. The new LED color module features a new, unique interior lens construction that achieves a fuller, more uniform 360° degree light output. This series lens distributes light more efficiently, increasing luminous intensity. A sleek, smooth form factor and an enhanced body construction, makes this signal tower well suited for harsher environments. Simple “Twist and Lock” system makes it easy to customize and reconfigure light and sound modules. Polycarbonate base and silicone resin O-rings results in lightweight, shock resistant product.

Item Specifications

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Red
  • 60mm
  • LED
  • Patlite
  • L Type Pole Mount
  • DC24V
  • Standard
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