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LM50 - Fuse

Item #: LM50

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Fuses commonly found on machine tools. These are also known as Fanuc fuses. LM fuses are identified by their amperage. Daito micro fuses are typically mounted to Fanuc circuit boards or power supplies. Fuses on power supplies are often not easily seen. Usually located on the power supply behind the Fanuc NC unit in the front of the machine. The LM fuse comes in black or clear which is why both are shown. LM Daito fuses are commonly used on Fanuc, Yaskawa, Yasnac CNC controls and many other applications to protect electric components.

IMPORTANT: All LM fuses have numbers & letters that can range from 1- 99 or A-Z such as LM01- LM99 or LM-1A – LM1Z etc., Please note that is NOT the part number for the fuse.
The AMP RATING determines which LM fuse you need – For example, a fuse marked LM21 that is a 1 AMP fuse is actually our part number LM10, a fuse marked LM33 that is a 1.6 AMP fuse is part number LM16 or an LM99 which is a 3.2 AMP fuse is part number LM32 etc.

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