A turn-key coolant management program and process anywhere you need to clean coolant!

Variaxe saves money by extending the life of the coolant and helps control bacteria and fungus by removing their food and sources. A cleaner coolant environment can also improve tool life, skin conditions for operators, eliminate foul odors and reduce clean outs. Variaxe picks up oil, chips, and fines and drops them into the Variaxe Pail to gravity separate tramp oils, chips, and fines from coolant, and returns coolant to the sump without oil overflowing onto the shop floor. This allows for savings on the costly use and disposal of absorbent products. It will also help reduce downtime and the need to frequently clean sumps.

Some costs related to overflow problems:

  • Labor to mop and handle absorbents
  • Disposal costs of absorbents
  • Disposal cost of waste water and coolant from oil pail and mop pail
  • Time ordering and payables for absorbent socks, pads and rags
  • Fines build up on skimmer ramp and take time to remove

The video to the right, is an actual customer demo of the Variaxe Skimming System. 

Pail Bucket Sump Side Skimmer

Pivot Extension Skimmer

Pail Bucket Sump Top Skimmer

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