Keep your machine tool running smoothly and create a healthier working environment with the Variaxe Oil Skimmer. This versatile and cost-effective system efficiently eliminates unwanted oils, chips, and fines, ensuring clean coolant for your machine. With the removal of oil and its associated contaminants like bacteria and mold, the Variaxe significantly improves coolant quality and minimizes damage to machine components.

A Simple Yet Innovative Skimming Solution

Reduce the need to frequently clean sumps, plus save money on costly absorbent products and their disposal with the Variaxe’s

uniquely designed system. The Variaxe oil skimmer picks up oil, chips, and fines on a rotating belt in a continuous process. When the belt gets to the top, a device scrapes the oil, chips, and fines from the coolant and deposits them into the Variaxe pail, a receptacle for removal. Gravity separates unwanted materials from coolant as the oil floats to the top of the pail. The clean coolant on the bottom is then returned to the sump, which prevents oil from overflowing onto the shop floor.

Competitive Advantage with Variaxe Oil Skimmers

  • Proprietary tramp oil skimming belt media
  • Superior controlled axis
  • Tramp oil will never overflow on the floor
  • Fully portable
  • Semi-Modular
  • No chip buildup 
  • Ability to skim other containers
  • Easy view so the operator can see when pail needs to be emptied
  • Can be used on parts washers
  • Competitive pricing


  • Reduced Downtime - Thanks to the automated process, the Variaxe continuously removes oil and frees up time for other tasks.
  • Cost-savings -  Avoid costs related to overflow problems, including labor to mop spilled coolant plus money spent on socks, pads, and rags.
  • Healthy Environment - Eliminate contaminant build-up, reducing the potential for harmful mist or evaporation.
  • Improved Safety - Prevent excess oil buildup that may pose a fire hazard or clog machine tool lines and sprays. Remove the source of bacterial and fungal growth to eradicate odors.

Designed to Fit Your Machine Tool
Able to easily integrate with your machine, the fully portable oil skimmer comes in three different models designed to fit different spaces.

1. The Pail Bucket Sump Side Skimmer: This skimmer is conveniently placed near the sump. 

2. The Pail Bucket Sump Top Skimmer: With easy access and excellent visibility, this skimmer is placed on the sump top. 

3. The Pivot Extension Skimmer: Designed with an adjustable arm, this skimmer is perfect for tight spaces where traditional skimmers may not fit.


For more information on the Variaxe Oil Skimming System, please fill out and an All World Machinery representative will contact you!