Daikin Directional Control Valves

We specialize in Daikin directional control valves (also called flow control valves) that securely control hydraulic fluid flow. Specific examples of control valves we carry include:

LS-G02, KSO, KSO-G02, KSO-G03, JSP, C2, C4, KSH-G04, KSH-G06, KSH-G10, JS, MEP, JP-G03, JP-G06, JP-G10, JSC, DMO-4, JM-G02, DRO, HDIN, JCA, JCP, HPF, and KS-02.

We also stock or cross your Nachi, Parker, Yuken, Tokimec, Racine, Showa, and Seven Oceans control valves to a form, fit and functional replacement.

Daikin Directional Control Valves

Directional Control ValvesDaikin Directional Control Valves

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