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How can I be sure that I am getting the exact part I am looking for?

The most important thing that All World promises is that our customers receive the exact product they have requested. Sometimes new innovations, new materials, and other factors cause older parts to be updated and replaced. We tirelessly review new product information and product innovations to not only give our customers the right part for the job, but also the best version of the part for the job at extremely competitive rates.

What kind of help does All World offer to make sure I get what I need?

All World knows how critical time can be when it comes to getting the industrial machinery and mechanical parts or services you need when you need them. Our dedicated customer service team offers options such as “same day service” and “guaranteed shipping” whenever possible. Whether it means hand delivering your order to the shipping facility, personally driving to your company, or staying late to ensure timeliness, All World will get the job done and do it right.

How quickly will my orders ship?

A quarter century of business strategy has led us to identify and stock the key wear items that most commonly cause down time for our customers. If we have the part in stock and our last afternoon shipment of the day hasn’t gone out - we will ship it out the day of the order, GUARANTEED. We also utilize a unique "importation system" that allows for quick and efficient 1 week shipment on special orders from Japan and have regularly scheduled shipments four times per month.

Why does All World, a machine tool supply company, offer machine service and repair?

Because All World is committed to both customer service and environmental conservation, the idea of providing service and repairs to our customers seemed like a no-brainer! Our service staff is prepared to maintain and repair tricky and difficult parts failures, application problems, and engineer new solutions for improvement. Our customers deserve solutions and our service department plays a huge role in creating a full-circle, pleasant customer experience. Check out our service pages to learn more.

If I need a part that you have in stock, can I pick it up?

Of course! We are both thrilled and honored when customers come to our counters for pick up. In fact, All World welcomes any of our customers to our facilities at anytime during our regular business hours. Please let us know you are coming and we can set-up a customized tour through our parts and service departments. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see just how much we offer!

If I send in a unit for a potential repair, how can I be sure I won’t experience long down times?

While it is always hard to guarantee the exact date of repair completion, All World offers accurate estimates as to when your service will be finalized. Because we know timing is always of the essence, every All World service job is considered a "rush job”. If needed, we also offer spare unit rentals until your unit has been fixed. 

If I don’t have the means to send my unit in, are there any other service options for me?

Absolutely. In-shop repairs are only half of our service department offers. If needed we are happy to send a qualified technician to your facility to repair your unit, often on the day of the requested service. Customers can always rely on accurate, efficient, and timely on-site service as soon as we can provide it. 

If I don’t have a branch in my state or country, can I still order parts or request service?

Most definitely. If you are located on the planet Earth, All World can provide solutions for your needs. Our branches are strategically placed to create happy customers in many different regions across the globe. We are always scouting for our next branch location; the next one may end up being near where you are located.

What is a core-pull unit?

A core-pull is a hydraulic unit used for auxiliary functions on the mold of a plastic injection molding machine. All World proudly uses Daikin hybrid hydraulic units for this application.

What are your terms and conditions?

Click here to download our terms and conditions information.

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