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Oil Mist and Smoke Hazards in the Industrial Workplace

Posted 18th January 2018

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It’s clear that average working conditions in the United States are dramatically better than they were in forefront of American industrial manufacturing.

Progressive labor and safety practices have continued to evolve for the betterment of humankind. Science has become more aware of the dangers of the workplace. Manufacturers of the machines innovate their machines to aid safety measures. Business and corporations have expounded their practices to promote workplace safety. Due to these measures, news of catastrophic accident and unsafe practices are becoming more of a rarity. However, industrial leaders and upper management must do their part to understand and pay attention to the invisible dangers that may be surrounding their workforce. Often these hidden dangers show up after extended periods of exposure, hindering the ability for immediate action. One of these dangers still exists in most industrial manufacturing facilities today. Oil mist and factory smoke is an often unavoidable result of constant machine use within manufacturing plants. Smoke and smog runoff clog up the air and creates hazardous particles that are breathed in by machine operators daily.

According to OSHA, human volunteers exposed to 0.5ppm ozone for just 3 hours per day, 6 days per week, for 12 weeks showed significant adverse changes in lung function. Another report showed a 20 percent reduction in timed vital lung capacity in persons exposed to average concentrations of ozone of 1.5ppm for 2 hours.


What can be done to help our hardworking blue collar brothers and sisters from suffering for years with manufacturing health issues?

Royal Product’s unique and innovated Filtermist system effectively cleans up smoke and oil/coolant mist by all types of metalworking machinery. The Filtermist FX represents the ninth generation of Royal Filtermist, and is the result of extensive computer-aided modeling and testing. Based upon the well-established principle of centrifugal impaction, the Filtermist FX incorporates a series of improvements that have resulted in the most advanced and effective system available for the removal of mist and smoke created by metalworking machinery.


Advantages of Filtermist:

1. Increase safety by reducing health risk, accident risk, and fire hazards.

2. Cost savings from coolant savings, heating/cooling cost, and cleaning/maintenance cost.

3. Increase productivity by thermal stability, employee attendance, less machine down time, higher speeds, and better lighting.

4. Legal issues can occur with workmen’s compensation claims and government regulations. OSHA and NIOSH limits on airborne oil mist are 5mg/cubic meter, and this requirement is expected to become lower. Filtermist units exceeds both current and new proposed limits.


The Royal Products Filtermist unit is an easy to install, high efficiency, low maintenance oil and smoke collector. Best of all, Royal Products will issue a full credit on any Filtermist unit returned within 45 day of the purchase date if the customer is not completely satisfied with its performance.

If you are interested in offering better working conditions for your facility and your team, please consider the Royal Filtermist and call All World today.

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