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LHL Hybrid Lubrication System

Posted 9th July 2018

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In the machine tool industry, we all know machines need the right type and amount of lubrication to fully function. Lubrication reduces friction around any moving part of the machine. A schedule of good lubrication maintenance extends the life of the machine and all its moving parts. Without the right lubricant, costly breakdowns can occur to your machine. There are many lubricants in the industry and finding the right one is critical to you and your machines. Another important factor in lubricant selection is the energy savings it can provide. Reducing energy consumption through lubrication can save you now and in the long run.

Introducing the industry changing LHL Hybrid Lubrication system from LUBE USA. The LHL system will precisely deliver the exact amount of lubricant required at a specific time in order to optimize performance of production machinery even under harsh conditions. In addition, the revolutionary lubricant developed for the LHL system helps to provide a cleaner and healthier factory environment. The LHL system is an exciting new solution that increases the value of your production.


Benefits of the LUBE LHL System

Cost Savings


Performance Enhancement




Work Environment




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