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Bohle Flutemaster Rebuild & Retrofit

Posted 7th November 2018

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For 40-60% of the cost of a new machine, we have the tools and partners to rebuild, retool and/or retrofit your machine back to life. Your machines are vital to the success of your business so keeping them up to date with the latest technology is a great way to keep your machine running at peak performance and keep costs down. 


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All World completed work refurbishing an old, run-down Bohle Flutemaster that needed some major work. Our fantastic service team worked hard to bring the machine back to working condition and retrofitted it with new technologies so that it would it would maintain its relevance far into the future. Our detailed 27-point process worked directly with the customer to deliver a product that exceeded their requirements and was completed in a timely manner. All World’s trained specialists used their unique knowledge of their craft to detail each crucial step with the customer for complete satisfaction. Below is a brief breakdown of the rebuild and retrofit process:


    1    Visited the customer for initial machine evaluation

    2    Gathered machine data

    3    Derived an electrical and mechanical scope of work needed to rebuild the machine with improvements surpassing original performance

    4    Generated a quote based on the above for customer acceptance

    5    Machine partially disassembled at customer's shop for transportation

    6    Transported machine to All World's Service Center

    7    Machine column, knee, and table way surfaces restored to original accuracies.

    8    Ball screws and lead screw rebuilt / remanufactured

    9    Tail stocks and steady rests restored for accuracy

    10    Machine re-painted

    11    Triple spindle rotary axis rebuilt

    12    Spindle motor re-wound

    13    New spindle motor/drive cover made

    14    Machine control designed and engineered

    15    Servo motor adaptors designed and built

    16    Control panel laid out and built

    17    Operators panel designed and built

    18    New & upgraded hydraulic system (Daikin EHU25 with valve manifold) designed and built

    19    Separate oil cooling system engineered, built, and retrofitted (Daikin AKJ359 oil chiller with tank )

    20    Cutting oil delivery system upgraded

    21    Lubrication system rebuilt / upgraded

    22    Operators work light upgraded (LED machine light)

    23    Developed CNC, PLC, HMI software.

    24    Machine powered and base operations verified

    25    Developed part cutting programs

    26    Worked with machine operator on site, software and programs further developed for all parts being cut

    27    Returned machine to customer's shop


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