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Azbil HPQ-D Series Liquid Leak Detectors

Posted 25th October 2018

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Leaks can be a very costly and inevitable issue in machine shops, but leak detection can be the next best thing to no leaks at all. The Azbil HPQ-D series leak detection sensor family is the first of its kind to be constructed entirely of sealed, Teflon PFA material and configured in a self-contained package smaller than a quarter. It does not require a fiberoptic amplifier to be used since there is a useable NPN or PNP transistor output with each sensor.

Typically, only 1ml of liquid in contact with the optical focal point will change the sensor's output. This enables early detection of caustic chemical spills and can be used to shut down the tool immediately, which minimizes the environmental impact.





Supply Voltage 12-24 VDC +/- 10% (Ripple 10% max) 12-24 VDC +/- 10% (Ripple 10% max)
Current Consumption 30 miliamp max. 30 miliamp max.
Usable Pan  CPVC,Stainless Steel, etc.. CPVC,Stainless Steel, etc..
Output Mode  NPN Transistor PNP Transistor
Output Load Current 50 mA max (resistive load) Saturation Voltage 1V max. Short Circut, False Pulse, Reverse Polarity Protection Load Current 50 mA max (resistive load) Saturation Voltage 1V max. Short Circut, False Pulse, Reverse Polarity Protection
Light Source  Red LED (645 nm) Red LED (645 nm)
Indicator  Green ON: Normal Condition
Orange ON: Liquid Detection
Green ON: Normal Condition
Orange ON: Liquid Detection
Operating Temperature -25 to 50 Degree C -25 to 50 Degree C
Storage Temperature -40 - 70 Degree C -40 - 70 Degree C
Sealing IP67 (IEC Standard) IP67 (IEC Standard)


A large gain signal difference between no liquid and liquid detection ensures low probability of false detection. The fail safe design provides a normally closed output that turns off when liquid is detected. 

Easily viewable green LED signifies normal operation and an orange LED turns on when liquid is detected and output is shut off. The bracket assembly is made of CPVC material and has an over/under patented style that assures solid retention once locked down and the ability to remove the sensor for maintanence or output checking. The underside of the bracket is flat and has perforated mounting holes so you can mount with hardware or adhesive. 

Features of HPQ-D Series

  • Body and cables are protected by PFA: PVC brackets are available for acidic or alkaline liquids. PFA (partially SUS) brackets are available for organic solvents.  
  • Easy maintenance: After leak detection, simply wipe the detector surface - a much easier process than with detection tape or a liquid absorbing model.
  • Operation indicator: Switch status can be checked from the body side. 
  • Suitable for export equipment: CE marking, UL certified. Wide variety of output modes and types are available.


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