Complete machine rebuilds with a two-week turnaround.

With the recent acquisition of USA Machine Rebuilders (Belvidere, Illinois) a machine rebuilder with 40+ years of industry expertise in rebuilding and refurbishing manufacturing equipment, All World can now support your manual machine rebuilds within a two-week turnaround.

Machines will be rebuilt to like-new condition and will be returned to OEM standard of alignment and performance. We will completely disassemble your machine, and all components will be thoroughly inspected and evaluated.

We specialize in Bridgeport milling machines rebuilds, Okamoto surface grinder rebuilds, and Mitsui surface grinders rebuilds.

Injection molding shops, tool and die shops, and other manufacturers can count on quality and expedient machine rebuilds with our proven fourteen step process includes:

  • Dismantling the machine tool & disassembling all units
  • Cleaning and inspecting all parts
  • Readied all components for customer inspection
  • Re-grinding the table top
  • Scraping, flaking, and mastering the ways
  • Scraping, flaking, and mastering carriage to knee ways
  • Scraping, flaking, and fitting knee column ways
  • Replacing all gibs and meter units to the lubrication system
  • Installing the new table and cross-feeding screws and nuts
  • Polishing all bright work
  • Checking or repairing electrical system
  • Repairing or replacing all remaining parts that may impair the machine’s full efficiency
  • Assembling and realigning the machine to its original tolerance
  • Custom painting the complete machine and all accessories

Machines are guaranteed for one full year, with normal use and proper maintenance.

We stock machine replacement parts and accessories, and support specialty in-house repair services like:

  • Spindle rebuilds
  • Lead screw assembly
  • Quill housing assembly
  • Variable speed front gear assembly
  • Variable speed rear gear assembly

Rebuilt manual machines also have the option of retrofitting linear scales, DRO kits, readout systems, and other accessories with brands like Heidenheim, ProtoTRAK, Fagor, and ACU-RITE. For more information, please visit Manual Machine Retrofitting.

To view and purchase recently rebuilt machines, please visit Machines For Sale or come visit our newly rebuilt machines in our machine showroom in Roscoe, IL.

USA Machine Rebuilders has over 40 years of experience in rebuilding and refurbishing machines. All World Machinery acquired USA Machine Rebuilders in 2020.