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TM10BM-3R22-AT3N-20-220 - Motor and Pump

Motor and Pump
Item #: TM10BM-3R22-AT3N-20-220

Product Info

TM10BM-3R22-AT3N-10-220, TM10BM3R22AT3N10220

These positioning motors integrate Daikin’s original hydromechanical rotary positioning system developed based on orbit motors known for low noise and high-torque at the low-speed range. All the components for the required mechanisms of rotation, deceleration, and rotary positioning are joined with no piping and integrated into one compact unit. Simple on/off control of solenoid valves achieves easy operation of the positioning motor. The capability to set the feed pitch as required enables smooth multi-pitch feed.

Item Specifications

  • Groove R
  • With UN, CL
  • SAE B
  • Daikin
  • 96cm3/rev
  • 4.5 MPa
  • 25.0 (key width: 7.00mm)
  • Max. 0.28s
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