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VKN095A - Pump

Item #: VKN095A

Product Info

ACP401A, VKN-091A, VKN-093A, VKN-095A

The motor and the pump are integrated into one for smaller size and lighter weight. With the self-priming function, the unit can be easily installed in confined areas. EU RoHS Directive Restriction of Use of Six Hazardous Substances compliant. Meets the EU Directive for CE marking. Enhanced protection against mist and other environmental elements. Mechanical seal structure. The motor and pump section are integrated and cast iron is used in the pump.

Cross Reference:
Fuji – VKN-093A, VKN-091A
Aryung – ACP-401A
Mitsubishi – NP-400J
Toshiba – OPF-400M
Hitachi – CPS-403
Yasukawa – VFPC-401JJF
Graymills – IMS-75
Gusher – VBH-34

Item Specifications

  • 50/60 Hz
  • Teral / Fuji
  • 400W
  • Rp 1
  • AC200/200-220V
  • 5m
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