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KSO-G02-4CP-30-EN - Valve

Item #: KSO-G02-4CP-30-EN

Product Info


These models realize high pressure large flow rate control at 35 MPa and 100 L/min.

Cross Reference
Nachi – SS-G01-C6-FG-D2-5404K, SS-G01-C6-FGR-D2-5450K, SS-G01-C6-FR-D2-31, SS-G01-C6-GR-D2-20, SS-G01-C6-GR-D2-31, SS-G01-C6-GR-D2-8900, SS-G01-C6-GR-D28906D, SS-G01-C6-GR-D2-E31, SS-G01-C6-R-D2-31, SS-G01-C6-R-D2-E31
Yuken – DSG-01-3C4-D24-50, DSG-01-3C4-D24-60, DSG-01-3C4-D24-70, DSG-01-3C4-D24-7090, DSGS-AGB-02-D24-CLS-L1
Parker – D1VW004CNJC, D1VW004CNJG5, D1VW004CNJG7B, D1VW004CNJGS55, D1VW004CNJCM5
Northman – SWH-G02-C4-D24-10
Toyo-Oki – HD3-3W-BGA-025A-WYD2, HD3-3W-BGA-025B-WYD2, HD3-3W-BGA-025B-WYD2, HD3-3W-BGA-025B-WYD2

Item Specifications

  • Terminal box
  • Daikin
  • Rc 1/4
  • Spring center type
  • DC24V
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