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GKL-2-40 (CASE 20) - Grease

Item #: GKL-2-40 (CASE 20)

Product Info

DL-2T NO.2 CTN, GKL-2-40 (CASE OF 20, LUBMAX GKL-2-40 (CASE 20)

Great for centralized lubrication. Same as Kyodo Yushi GKL240 Uni Reservoir DL-2T cartridge grease made by Kyodo Yushi. This Daikin grease GKL-2-40 is great for low temperature applications and machinery. The GKL-2-40 are accordion bellows style grease cartridges.

Item Specifications

  • Daikin
  • Mineral
  • 12.5 @ 100
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