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Product Spotlight: CKD Nitrogen Extraction Unit


Since its founding in 1943, CKD established itself as the premier manufacturer of pneumatic components, general-purpose valves, mechanical indexing systems, and semiconductor products in Japan. CKD Pneumatic fluid control and automation technologies offer a vast amount of cutting-edge products, such as popular CKD valves and CKD cylinders to users in every industry.

All World Machinery has been a proud CKD distributor and partner since 1996, supplying CKD valves and other CKD pneumatic products. All World Machinery is the largest stocking distributor of CKD pneumatic products in the United States.

Nitrogen Extraction Unit

This CKD spotlight is used in medical, food, and electrical industries to extract nitrogen and reuse.

The Nitrogen Gas Extraction Unit (NS) allows users to obtain nitrogen gas from compressed air. A hollow fiber membrane separates oxygen from compressed air, leaving only rich, nitrogen gas.

The NS received the Good Design Award for its user-friendliness, compact design, and efficient production. Now with minimal piping and no power supply, users can produce highly concentrated nitrogen at the cost of compressing air.

It easily separates high-purity nitrogen from compressed air necessary for antioxidant and explosion-proof applications. A lineup of four new models makes it even easier to select the optimum model from 21 types. A lineup of NSU dedicated in-line sensors is also available, making constant monitoring of the flow rate possible.

Reduce cost, save space, and minimize piping with the NS

  • Extract concentrated nitrogen gas from normal compressed air
  • Eliminate the need for expensive nitrogen canisters and power supplies
  • Shrink the footprint with inline modular configuration that requires almost no piping
  • Avoid difficult maintenance--lack of moving parts provides long term stable performance
  • Improve processes with optional status monitoring and self-diagnostic functionality

Produce concentrated nitrogen for any application

  • Nitrogen Gas Extraction Unit is certified for secure food manufacturing processes
  • CKD offers inline PNA oxygen monitor to detect nitrogen levels to the 0.01%
  • Optional NSU system provides all filters, gauges, and oxygen monitor
  • Washdown approved - NS provides IP65 degree of protection
  • Pressure-resistance structure is rated for up to 1.0 MPa

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