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Preventive Maintenance For Your NOP Pump

Pumps and motors do a lot of work for your machine, which often means that they may need a little more love and pump maintenance to keep them working efficiently. Although All World Machinery offers complete repair and servicing for failing motors, we understand that sometimes you want to do the work yourself, and a little bit of preventive maintenance can go a long way to prolong your pump’s lifespan.

To help you identify the problem or learn how to fix your pump to cure these inefficiencies, here’s a little preventive maintenance check-list to let you know how to carry out essential pump maintenance on your high-quality NOP pump:


If you’re dealing with a pump making noise, check the inlet filter for impediments and make sure that the pump is not sucking air. Look to see if the piping is damaged. As a last resort, remove the two cap screws that hold the pump to the motor to check if the coupling between the motor and the pump is damaged.


If your pump has no pressure or volume inspect the inlet filter to determine if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. You can also isolate the outlet line and test the pump with another hose. If you find that there is a change in pressure or volume, there may be something caught deeper in the piping. Vibrations may have shifted the relief valve adjustment setting.


If your pump experiences a tripped breaker or a thermal overload, check your inlet filter, your piping, and relief valve. If allowable, separate the motor from the pump. Removing the motor is easy and only requires removing two screws. Look for the two that are black and are not painted to match the motor. Check the breaker on the motor for another trip. If another trip occurs, you will have to replace the motor or the unit.


If you are not getting the desired pressure from your pump, you may need to change the motor size of your unit. Be warned- changing the motor usually means that you will have to also replace the electrical contact and wiring controlling the pump to handle the increased current. Always use a trained electrician when dealing with these pump maintenance problems. If you do not want to manipulate the size of the motor to achieve the required results, it is suggested that you change to purchase a pump that can handle your required pressure.


If your pump seals have worn or torn, you may replace them yourself as part of your preventive maintenance routine, using the high-performance seals that we keep in stock. Additionally, you can send the motor in and we can replace the seals for you.


Understand that getting into the habit of carrying out routine pump maintenance, including replacing the pump’s fluid and filters, will prolong the life of your pump and should be done regularly for maximum efficiency. It is also important to use the recommended fluids and filters by NOP to avoid the wear and tear that will occur by using the incorrect types.


If you are looking to stock a replacement Series 2 NOP pump or replace an existing pump, know that the HWM series will replace both HBM and HWM series pumps, but an HBM can only replace an HBM pump. HBM is for hydraulic oil. HWM is for cutting oil (coolant fluid). HWM is a coolant pump for machine tools, and therefore it uses the high-grade oil seals & packings. If you have questions, please contact All World Machinery for a more in-depth explanation.


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